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A bit of a blog

This is not a true blog, but just a small space for me to record my thoughts whilst developing my software. NB. The smilies, are not mine. They come from, and authored by Daz.

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17 Nov. 2009 Where have the two years gone since I last updated this page? There has been a bit of activity regarding my !passwords software. So I have embarked on a rewrite. The new user interface has been designed, and a piece of code that didn't work and therefore prevented the project from progressing is now working. Do i have the willpower to get it finished?
13 July 2007 It's still quiet on this front. I've finished the major project, but got involved in another one. This is long term. The good news is I have finished a simple single tasking program that does some of the tricky stuff like links so it should mean I have more time. The trouble is I don't seem to have any spare time any more. As I write this I'm about to take a 3 week break from the computer, well I will if the weather ever improves! So see you at the end of July.
24 April 2007 Well, I know it's been quiet. I haven't had much time to do anything. The big project mentioned in my last entry is complete! I'm still trying to find time to do some programming, and further web projects, but work is impinging on my time more and more. smilie
My hard disc did give out. Lucky I had a full backup from the day before.
07 Jan. 2007 No programming done apart for a small utility to help me with a major web project. Looks like no further programming will be achieved for a while yet until I get and the other web project finished. The one project is by my reckoning only 20% completed after a little over 70 hours spent working on it. Plus it looks as if my h/d is on the way out smilie
30 Oct. 2006 Much to my amazement, I have managed to get Winsaver working on the Iyonix. The problem looked quite difficult to solve, as it wouldn't run in deep colour modes. However after much tinkering, found that the problem was to do with colour palettes. I still don't know why it fails, and to be honest having read the PRM on colour palettes, am none the wiser on what some of it means. I have tried to track John Richmond down but can find no trace of him. Still I hope that he will be happy his program is still available.
04 Oct. 2006 Having started to learn a new WIMP programming system because the old one would never be made 32 bit, I've been a bit surprised by the announcement that it is now 32 bit neutral. This leaves me in a quandary as to what to do. Stick with the new system, or be lazy and go back to the old one. Time will tell.
21 Sept. 2006 Well I have finally started poking around with Passwords. I'm currently in the process of writing a converter, as Wimpbasic stores array data in a funny format. The extractor will produce an output file which will be imported into the new passwords. I had considered converting it into a new format but have chickened out and will let the importer do that. A lot of things have got to be considered, such as breaking up the data file into smaller chunks. (In a similar way to how Bookmaker stores its data.)
17 Aug. 2006 !Lottery is finally finished. I thought it was yesterday, but when I tried to save into another application, it resulted in screen memory being written over the window. The effect must be useful for something.
Still tonight I finished the help file (although it doesn't really need one), and have put the program on the download page. If you use it and win just remember the programmer smilie.
The next question is which program to do next. So once the documentation for lottery has been done then onto !Passwords.
14 Aug. 2006!lottery is coming on a treat. Whilst testing the software tonight I realised that you could change the lottery type, and save without generating new numbers. I have also fixed it so that save is greyed out if no numbers have been generated. The software has suffered from a niggling screen update bug, which I think I have now cracked. The new version is nearly ready. A lot more testing needs to be done before final compile is done.

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17 November 2009

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