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Software for RISC OS Computers


This program is for the UK National Lottery and Euromillions Lottery run by Camelot.

There are a lot of Lottery number generators around, mainly because they are simple to write, and most can be done in a couple of hours.

I hope that mine is a little bit different in that it not only supports Thunderball, but also the Euro wide Euromillions lottery. The user can generate a single line of numbers, or generate up to 99 lines. Useful if you are a syndicate manager. The software will also save out the batch numbers for printing out in your favourite text editor or word processor. I may add code for printing, but have to say it is a complex subject.

Version 3.00 August 2006

When I started out to convert my software to a 32bit neutral version for RISC OS 5 (and earlier versions) the intention was to do straight conversions. !Lottery is different, in that it has been upgraded, to support the other two Lotterys that have been introduced since the first version was written in 2001.

This version has been written using Appbasic by Joe Taylor. It has been compiled by ABC from Castle Technology. This means that it is a toolbox application and should run on all versions of RISC OS from 3.7 onwards. The software is not guaranteed to work on anything prior to 3.7, as I have no means of testing it.

Version 3.00b August 2007

The changes are very minor, and in fact it is to do with the checking algorithm, which ensures you don't get duplicate numbers when generating lines. The Hourglass is also now started when generating large batches of numbers. The new version is marginally faster as well.

The instructions below have not changed as the main program windows have not changed.

Version 3.01 January 2008

A minor update which improves the speed of the desktop when Lottery is running. A marginal speed improvement in the generation of batch numbers.

Version 3.02 November 2015

Another minor update. In October 2015 Camelot, changed the rules for playing, by introducing an extra 10 numbers. This greatly reduces the odds of winning the Jackpot. With 49 numbers the chances were 1:13,983,816 with 59 numbers the odds are now 1:45,057,474. Just for info here is a table for your enjoyment!

ResultOld PrizeOddsNew prizeNew Odds
Match 6Jackpot1:13,983,816Jackpot1:45,057,474
5+ Bonus ball500001:2,330,636500001:7,509,579
2N/aN/aFree ticket1:10.3

Using the new version

The first option is to generate a single set of numbers. To do this click with 'select' on the iconbar menu and the following window is opened.

The main lotto window

Click on the generate button for which ever draw you want to enter. It's that simple!

To generate a batch of numbers either click 'adjust' on the iconbar icon or from the iconbar menu select batch, and the following window opens.

The batch window

All you need to do is select the draw you are interested in and the number of lines that you want to generate minimum 1 - maximum 99.

Once the lines have been generated then by clicking menu over the window you can save the numbers generated. An example output is shown below.

Lottery output example

Tip : When printing from RISC OS use a proportional font such as Corpus, to get the numbers in neat columns.

The software is meant as a bit of fun and I can't guarantee that you will ever win a penny.


The names Lotto, Thunderball and Euromillions are all trademarks of Camelot.
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24 November 2015

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