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Software for RISC OS Computers


On Risc OS computers it is not easy to assign a different coloured sprite to an individual directory folder, nor to have a filer window open in a specific layout. There are two ways to "fix" this :

  1. Have a small machine code utility to keep watch on the directories, and update filer windows as necessary.
  2. Create a pseudo application, which allows an individual sprite, and contains a subdirectory which is controlled by the pseudo application.

The simplest method is to create a pseudo application that allows the display of an alternate sprite. !Makedir does all the hardwork. It creates the directory,the sub directory where you store your files and, also the necessary, !boot and !run files.

The software also creates an individual system variable to ensure no problems are encountered. If you want to create several applications with a similar name you can enter a 3 digit tag to ensure the named variable doesn't clash.

The only thing the software doesn't do is produce some fancy artwork for your sprites!. You can however tick the open on creation option to allow editing of the sprites.

Remember that an application name can be a maximum of twelve characters, including the '!'. This is whether you have RISC OS 4 or not. The limit is forced on us by the sprite format.

Interesting techniques.

The two main buttons on the window are cancel and create. The RISC OS Style Guide makes it clear that the main active button should have a clear meaning and not be something meaningless such as go or start. Create was chosen because it is clear that you will create the directory.

Turn your filers windows from this ...Into this....
Sample Risc OS Window 1sample risc os window 2

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3 December 2007

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